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SIDROM - Pośrednictwo międzynarodowe dla firm i rzemieślników

Commercial offer

Welcome to our sales department! 

In our stock, we offer you products manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. It is thanks to them in their activities to maintain a high level of offered products, and competitive prices.

We encourage you to read the offers presented on our site and we invite you to cooperation. 

Our company is a manufacturer of firewood, kindling and pellets. 
The wood species we have in our assortment are: 
The firewood depending on the species is more or less energetic. 
Coniferous wood is not recommended. It has a lot of resin, which while flaming, shoots polluting the environment, are difficult to remove stains. Besides creating a lot of smoke and soot, it deposites on the walls of the fireplace and the chimney.
For fireplaces is the best hardwood. It contains little resin burns evenly and usually does not create a large amount of smoke, so fire long stays clean. Especially valuable is hardwood (hornbeam, oak, beech), because during combustion gives the most heat.

Types of firewood available at our offer:
Beech - hard hardwood. It burns easily and long. It has a high calorific value, gives a lot of heat. Thanks to its advantages and affordable energy is the most popular wood fireplace.
Oak - hard hardwood. It burns slowly and very long. It contains tannins with a pleasant odor bitter, which are released during combustion. It has a high calorific value, gives a lot of heat.
Hornbeam - a very hard hardwood. It is considered the best on fuel (the highest calorific value). It burns very slowly. It does not create a magnificent flame, but a high temperature and gives a lot of heat.

With year-round felling, timber stocks have constantly out of stock. Our wood stacked "matured" in a well-ventilated place.
The unit of measurement used by us for the sale of one cubic meter of laid wood:
Cubic meter (mp) firewood - a portion poukładanego wood, and the spaces between them, which occupy a total volume of 1 m3 (1m x 1m x 1 m). Cubic meter is equal to approximately 0.7 cubic meter (1 mp = 0.7 m3)
Cubic meter (m3, or a cube) firewood - a portion of the timber without the empty space between the arranged clearings), which would take a volume of 1 m3. Cubic meter can be compared to approximately 1.5 meter spatial (1m3 = 1.5 mp).
You can also meet with the sale of timber on the so-called bulk meters - the measuring timber is very inaccurate. Meter density is the amount of wood with a height of 1 meter.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, for any further questions:
Tel: 0048 41 370 80 18
Marta - 0048 512 172 225 (contact in French)
Justin -  ​​0048 882 136 687 (contact in German)
Magdalena - 0048 519 732 113 (contact in English)